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sedona-top-ten-thunder-mountainThis is the place to find the 10 best places to go, sites to see, and things to do in and around Sedona, Arizona. Are you planning a trip to Sedona, but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed everything from hotels to Jeep Tours, train rides, hot air balloons, and golf.

We know your time is valuable when you’re on vacation, so we have narrowed it down to the top companies in each category. We have personally tested and enjoyed our experiences with all of these companies, and we hope that you do too.

Jeep Tours

sedona-top-ten-jeep-tours-safari-jeep-arizonaLet’s face it, there’s one main reason people come to visit Sedona: the beautiful Red Rocks. Sure, you can see them looking out your car window as you drive through Oak Creek Canyon, but it’s not the same as being right up next to (or even on top of) them. The best way to see them is to let an experienced guide take you on a tour that we guarantee you will never forget.

Sedona’s Jeep Tours are world famous. In fact Jeeps have become so synonymous with Sedona that Jeep films many of of their commercials here. There are several Jeep tour companies operating in Sedona. We recommend you choose one with a commitment to education and preservation of the environment as well as their having knowledgeable guides will tell you all about the local plant life and wildlife as well as how the rock formations came to be. Our favorite is Arizona Safari Jeep Tours.

The number one Jeep tour we recommend is Arizona Safari Jeep Tours Mogollon Rim Run and Rim Run Supreme.  These incredible tours have some of the most amazing Red Rock views in Sedona, and plenty of adventure as your Jeep climbs up to over 6500 feet in elevation up a 120 year old Wagon Trail.

Just west of Sedona is Clarkdale, home of the Verde Canyon Railroad. Their wilderness train takes you on a 4-hour tour through the Verde Canyon. In addition to the Red Rocks and clear waters, you will have a chance to see local wildlife, including nesting Bald and Golden eagles. Everyone here agrees that this tour is much better than certain other Northern Arizona Train rides. Make sure to make your reservation early, because they book up fast.

The Grand Canyon

buspix2bigSedona is the perfect departure point to visit the Grand Canyon National Monument. These companies: Great West Adventure Company, Native American Journeys and Sedona Grand Canyon Tour Company will take you from your hotel here in Sedona up to the Grand Canyon, and back again.

On a the Native American Journeys  Bottom of the Grand Canyon tour, your guide will take you to the Hualapai reservation to acess a fairly well maintained road winding down to the Colorado River, or perhaps you choose a Tour to the Hopi reservation at the South Rim of the Canyon. You will hear stories and songs, and learn about the Native American culture.

For those of you wanting to experience Grand Canyon national park the Sedona Grand Canyon Tour Company  has several western style tours of the Grand Canyon.

Want the Ultimate Back Country experience?. Sedona Off-Road Center gives you the chance to get out to discover Sedona at your oun pace with their ever popular Off Road Vehiicle Rentals!

What are you waiting for?  The mystries and beauty of Sedona are yours to experience!